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Monday, September 25, 2006

100 Tall Texans Test

The George HW Bush Library and Museum is mounting a new exhibit of "100 Tall Texans." There're all from the 20th century, and fall into the categories of Business, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Literature, and Culture, in the order of stately importance. If you know 95 or more of these, you're excellent in "Texas I.Q." If you know 90-94, you're very steaming, 85 to 89 knowlegeable, 80-84 very good, 79-75 good, 70-74 fair to middling, 60-69 par for street knowledge, 50-59 a casual Texan, 40-49 worthy of a "way to go," 30-39 recipient of a recommendation to open the window, 20-29 winner of a new shiney bell for your vehicle, 10-19 acknowledged honorary subscriber to "Will's Texana Monthly," and 1-9 winner of an audio recording of "Arthur's Austin ABC."

1 comment:

Judy said...

I'm 86. What do you score?