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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What is Texas Literature?

If we're gonna talk Great Texas Novel, then "What is Texas Literature?" The blog "A Practical Policy" which normally focuses on Liberation Lit and the Middle East, explored the topic in October of 2006. It begins:

"The question is sometimes asked, What is Texas literature? Is there one? And the answer is sometimes that Texas literature is more of a national literature than anything else – perhaps given that Texas has three of the 9 or 10 largest US cities and its vast countryside and great ethnic and class diversity and other factors. Among other Texas surprises, I suppose, there’s a book coming out on an “Asian underground railroad” that once ran through El Paso, Texas."

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Anonymous said...

I’m interested what Mrs. Offutt did to spark your historical bend? Can you remember?
Thanks, Will

Will I do remember. She made learning history fun.It was not just reading and remembering dates. She told stories. She gave us awesome projects. Once, we had to write a journal in the perspective of a slave. We had to make a cover, and make it look old. I burned a part of mine, spilled tea on it to yellow it. She made it very possible to get through my next history class in 8th grade had I not had her I would have ended up hating history. I wound up with a teacher who made us read the chapter we were on through then on Friday was the test all year long.