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Friday, February 27, 2009

Texas Booksellers Association

Texas Booksellers Association

The Parlor had occasion to poke into the business of the Texas Booksellers Association, a fairly new venture, at least by name, to determine their intentions. The interviewed were TBA Membership Director Shirley Dyess of the Dusty Jacket in Irving and Dallas ( ), Chris and Hugh Wright of the Wright Collection in Waxahachie ( ), and Gary and Sue Fox of the Texas Star Books in Fort Worth ( ). They’ve got themselves a pretty dynamic group now with a track record and concrete, achievable goals.
Texas Parlor Question: How did the Texas Booksellers Association get started?
Texas Booksellers Assn. Answer: The association started in 1991 as a cooperative effort to get a book show going in Ft. Worth. It was then known as the North Texas Booksellers Association. At that time there was a company putting on book shows in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, but in not Ft. Worth. About four years ago, the owner of that company retired. The Ft. Worth show was still going on organized by a cadre of hardworking volunteers. The October, 2008, show was the 16th Ft. Worth book show organized and managed by the association. The association had the great good luck to have in its membership many members outside the North Texas area as well as some from outside of Texas. So two years ago the name was changed to the Texas Booksellers Association and the association has been granted non-profit status.
Parlor: Does the association do any other shows besides Ft. Worth?
Booksellers: Yes, for the last two years we have partnered with DM Promotions of Houston for a joint book and postcard show in the Houston area. In January of this year we also put on our 1st Austin book show.
Parlor: Does the association plan to put on more shows?
Booksellers: Yes, plans are in the works for a Dallas book show, but it probably will not happen until 2010.
Parlor: What other things does the association do?
Booksellers: We conduct book collecting classes through adult university education.
Parlor: What are the association’s goals?
Booksellers: As it says on our website , “cultivating appreciation of books in the community, maintaining the vitality of the independent book trade, and promoting ethical trade practices.”

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