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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Secession and Division Questions

The fascinating secession question and its often corollary division question are decidedly interesting to Texans. 
The recent discussion followed Rick Perry's reviving the "issue" of Texas secession at the time of annexation.  See
The following two blogs begin with opposite views by the blog hosts, but the truly invigorating numerous Comments in both lead you through a remarkable discussion of Texas AND American history, philosophy, politics, constitutional law - and in some cases international law. 
There are some cogencies, some pot-shots, some outright misleadings, some sublime observations - much of which is historially backed up by the various authors. 
If you are not completely hide-bound to ignorance (and hence stupid by definiton) both trains of discussions will teach you something, even if you're reluctant.
    Ed Darrell - Millard Fillmore's Bathtub
Link to   Professor Bernardo de la Paz - I Am Simon Jester
And you have views expressed in a Bryan-College Station newpaper and an Austin newspaper. 
The Eagle - Your digital news leader 
But Wait, There's More. Check out the rest of this issue.  
Having begun this posting with Gov. Perry, you may wish to consider another view from an up-coming issue in the Texas Observer.

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