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Monday, June 29, 2009

Beautiful Photography - Best of Texas

the Best of Texas group icon   Ok.  I've been keeping a secret.  One method I use to freshen my mind (also called an open barn by some), is to open an RSS feed I have for a special Flickr account.  Flickr, as you probably already know, is a major photographic storage site, a really big buncha pics.  Well, some are good, others are great.  One of the sites is called BEST OF TEXAS where a group of 500 excellent photographers contribute, or pool, their images.  Membership is restricted.  I wanted to see their images regularly so I opened a free Flickr account and started an RSS feed.  Now, when I'm lethargic from a week of 100 degree temps or a month of snow drifts, I just open my RSS feed list and click the "Best of Texas."  The images are not for your casual use; most of the photographers are professional and expect a bit of renumeration for their work.  But just seeing the images re-charges my batteries.  See more at

1 comment:

Mattexian said...

That is a cool collection of pics, a lot better I think than any printed and bound set of photos, because of the limitations of real paper publishing.