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Friday, January 15, 2010

Marshall Zoning Squabble Cleared Up

Seems the developer was a little too cavalier in their not asking all the relevant questions, leaving everybody with "assumptions" about their legal standing to put in yet a second Dollar Store on Burleson Street in Marshall, Texas.  The Marshall News Messenger noted on December 11, 2009 that "Locals angry over store's proposed site."  Well, now it appears that the developers' assumptions were too broad.  The Messenger updates under the headline "City vetoes controversial rezoning requests" again by Terri Hahn.
An extract for you follows:
"There were 65 people in attendance at the meeting including city employees. Of those, 25 stood in opposition when Historic West End Neighborhood Association President Ben Lambers spoke against changing the West Burleson Street property to commercial.
A dozen spoke, mostly members of the HWENA, in opposition of the rezoning. They gave reasons such as protecting the residential and historical integrity of the neighborhood, and keeping traffic down on Bishop Street, where pedestrians could be in danger. Some felt that Marshall does not need another dollar store and that the addition of a store would create more traffic and trash within their neighborhood.
Willborn motioned to deny rezoning and it was seconded by Commissioner Zephaniah Timmins. After lengthy discussion by city commissioners, the vote to deny carried 7-0." 
The developers claim the City gave them bad information.
If you choose to listen to the automated voice reading of the article provided by the Messenger, you'll notice something a bit interesting.  When the article contains the written word "residents" the audio clearly, multiple times, speaks the sound "republicans."  Is this an accident or an anticipation of George Orwell incarnated in the Marshall News Massage
Marshall is a good example of a small town, still less than 30,000 I believe, which maintains an historical sensibilty.  I notice that because I regularly from my 10th grade bicycle delivered the Messenger to Y.A. Tittle's mother, and personally take credit for his mother's happiness which in turn certainly gave Y.A. the stability to win all those professional football games.  Miss Brötze (actually Selma and Emma Mae both) taught me to read what is written in my government and senior English classes.  My familiarity with automated voices tells me that such an inadvertancy can be corrected.

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