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Monday, July 24, 2006

Mayor Bill White Houston History Task Force

A few months ago, Houston Mayor Bill White appointed a task force of several dozen citizens to make some recommendations on preserving/developing/teaching the history of Houston. This July, ably lead by Betty Chapman, the first recommendations are filed. In the simplest language those are below. Fuller information followed the recommendations and appendices were added.


The following recommendations are the result of many hours of research and study by sixty-five citizens serving on five committees over the past six months. The first four recommendations are of a general nature; the ones that follow were compiled by the individual committees.

1. We recommend that a History Center be established in the city.
2. We recommend that a Non-profit Historical Association be established in the private sector to serve as an umbrella for the city’s historical ventures.
3. We recommend that a City of Houston Archives be established with the goal of determining which city records need to be retained, archived, and maintained in a professional manner.
4. We recommend that a Web site be developed to focus solely on Houston History and all of its related elements.
5. We recommend that a comprehensive Historical Database be developed to include what has been compiled by the Task Force Committee on Identifying the City’s Historical Resources as well as the Houston Architectural Database compiled by the Committee on Identifying and Preserving the Built Environment.
6. We recommend that the Medium of Television be used to educate the public
about our history.

7. We recommend that a public Houston History Fair be held annually to celebrate the rich, diverse heritage of our city.
8. We recommend that Educating Houston’s Youth should be a high priority.
9. We recommend that a comprehensive Media Package be developed to spotlight Houston’s history and to publicize historical happenings within the entire community.

10. We recommend that Historic Neighborhood Surveys be conducted throughout the city.
11. We recommend the following in the area of Public Policy:
A. Revision of the City Building Code to accommodate historic buildings. B. Strengthen the city’s Historic Preservation Ordinance. C. Hire additional staff to administer the City Historic Preservation Program. D. Initiate an aggressive Historic Plaque Program

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