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Friday, July 28, 2006

Texas Methodist History

Texas Methodist History

Folks interested in such will find the Texas United Methodist Historical Society active and productive. The annual dues of $12.50 should allay any fears of the organization laying up riches on earth. (I'm writing my check today.)

Their blog is of course open and gracefully free to all, and the TUMHS also provides a printed HERITAGE JOURNAL annual, a newsletter, and an annual meeting with papers. Their blog includes a "This Week in History" column usually provided by the Society's Chair Wm. C. Hardt.

The blog's side bar lists their mission, officers, a few links, and a list of several dozen blogs of folks contending for the faith and going on to perfection. (I only wish the sidebar was in larger type or a bolder font for us with vision challenges).

The archives of the United Methodist "Texas Conference" (which now generally means East Texas) are kept at Lon Morris College (this blogger's an alum '68) in Jacksonville. At present I'm unaware of where the other several Texas conferences keep their archives. I'm sure the TUMHS is the place to find such keepers of the that knowledge.

Most folks don't know that the "United" in the denominational name was acquired from a merger with the United Bretheren Church back in the 1960s I believe. Before Methodists were United, we just randomly walked around shining in the darkness, wondering about the other candles and hill fires we saw in the distance. Now we gather United at night and read by candlelight under oak trees. I rather like John and Corinthians, but I've erred and have taken up in-door electricity.

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