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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kleb Place -Cooking Harris County - Fred Collins

Email from Fred to Trevia Beverly relates:

"We are working on the farm house restoration and would like to find a cooking stove like the one that Minnie used to cook the family meals on. There was a stove in the house when Elmer died in 1999 but the stove did not end up in the County's possession and its current where abouts are unknown. We are looking for a suitable replacement, preferably a donated one. However, to stay within the historical context we want to find an exact replacement. That is even more difficult since we do not know the make or model of what we seek. The attachment is the only photo we have of the stove. It is a side view. It had white enamel on the sides and upper cabinet. One stove dealer thought it was 1920-30s. The brick chimney in the house is dated 1929, which would correspond to Ed and Minnie's 25th wedding anniversary. Elmer would have been 22 that year. I suspect the stove may also have been purchased in 1929 to go with the chimney. I hope you can help us find one. Pass the picture on to anyone who might help in the identification and or search of a stove."
Request a photo at :

Fred Collins
Director Kleb Woods Nature Center
Director Cypress Top Historic Park
Harris County Precinct 3
Steve Radack Commissioner

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