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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Rich Archival Imagination (AHA for SSA)

AHA (Archivists of the Houston Area) are preparing to host the SSA (Society of Soutwest Archivists) convention. Some of their ruminations have spilled onto their list-serv:

SSA 2008 Theme Ideas so far
“On the go – from the get-go.”
"From the Get-go to the Cutting Edge"
Cutting edge
Cradle of Culture
From Magnolia City to the Space City

Dare to Dream Big
Think Big, Think Global
Houston: Dream Big
Houston: Dream Global
Houston - The "Can Do" City
Bayou City: A Multicultural Mecca
Bayou City: From Immigrants to Elites

“Natural Partners: Museums, Libraries, Archives Working Together”
This is a take-off of the last Rare Book and Manuscript Session of ALA in Austin last spring. Lots of good things could still be said about it in connection with Houston and the region’s institutions and I don’t think all that many archivists from the area attended.

“Archival Education: A Continuing Process”
Learning about one’s profession never stops; mentoring; collaboration with other archivists; how new formats require new preservation techniques; what we can learn from other professions.

“The Intertwined Issues of Funding, Knowledge, and Outreach for Archivists”
We need money to do what needs to be done as archivists; We have to educate ourselves about the techniques of preservation to make accurate funding requests; We have to tell the public (including potential funders) about our archives; We have to raise funds for the archives; We need money to do what needs to be done as archivists; etc…

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