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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Will's Texana Annual Builds on the Monthly

Will's Texana Annual
may be available in February for your purchase.

A Will’s Texana Annual is being prepared. The year’s columns will be grouped, edited, and augmented with additional information, totaling probably fewer than 200 pages. Included will be a lengthy, simple list of new 2006 titles, maybe 400 titles. We hope it will constitute a new phase in Texas bibliography.

Contribute information as you wish.

Remember to send information to be included in the ANNUAL. If you are personally aware of new titles of 2006, do please let us know. If you wish to perform a search by thought or hand or social conversation or by electronic means to discover new titles in your own collection, in a library, in a bookstore, in a periodical, in a newspaper, do let us know of your results.

If you’ve followed WTM, you realize that the focus is on the content of the material, not necessarily authorship. Is the volume ABOUT some aspect of Texas, modern or historical? It may be non-fiction, fiction, poetry, pictorial, children’s books, cookbooks etc.? Some technical books are okay. Have your neighbors produced a book on their own or by “publication on demand?” Is the publisher easy to discover; if not, is an address or email available? What is new in your community?
Some posting from the Texas Parlor will also appear there, probably expanded some.

Interested parties should contact

willstexana at or cell: 832-633-0595

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