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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Will's Texana Annual: A compendium of Texas

Will's Texas Annual, offered first in March of 2007, is a cumulation and re-arrangement of columns in Will's Texana Monthy (a free e-journal for your asking at and with extra added attractions, total 600 pages. Available on CD, USB Flash Drive, and paper.

Part 1: The WTM columns constitute about 200 pages.

Part 2: A TRIO of "Current Bibliographies" of about 75 pages in length
New Current Trade Books" about Texas published during 2006, about 800 titles.
"New Texas Government Publications" recently acquired by the Texas State Library, about 400 titles.
"New Dissertations and Theses of 2006," about 200 titles.

Part 3:
A "Directory of Texana Depositories in Texas," about 800 institutions, libraries, archives, and museums, about 125 pages in length

Part 4:
Added Elements (a variety of about 50 pages)
Including "Map Notes," Archival Notes", a "List of Texas State Agencies, etc." and a "Directory of Texas County Historical Commissions."

Part 5:
Hot Words Appendix (a variety of about 100 pages)
Including "Web site maps of selected organization" (Texas Association of Museums, Texas Library Association, Texas State Historical Association), - "Notes on Local and State Government Information ," - templates for two online "Reference Source Bibliograhies (one from TLA and one from TSLAC), - "Notes on Radio, Television, and Film," - and a list of "Archival History" articles in the Handbook of Texas Online.

The Annual is available on CD, USB Flash, and in printed form.


The Parlor is a companion to, yet different from, the Monthly and Annual

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