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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Will's Texana Monthly: An e-journal of Texas reviews, news, and electric observations

Will's Texana Monthly is now, with the January issue, a year old. It's a free e-journal distributed by email. If you wish to subscribe, email your interst to If you're interested in Texas, well ....

Will Howard started it after he retired from 30 years of Texana librarianship.

During 2006, we published 9 issues and took "vacation" during 3 months. WTM has various columns, some recur in every issue, others only as interest applies.

Lead articles by WTM readers or WTM staff often start the content.
The most regular column is "Reviews and Notes" for new books, CDs, movies, web sites, music, theater productions and including non-fiction, fiction, children's material, poetry, and even some droll boring stuff, etc.
"Quod Vide" is an occasional book review index to other journals.
"Portal to Texas History" is by Dreanna Belden at the University of North Texas focused on their special multi-institional, digital operation.
"Museum Matters" address some professional topic or spotlight some museum or collect museums by topic.
A "News, Calendar, Memoriam" is often included.
An "Awards" column sometimes appears.
"The DT's" brings to your attention something from the academic world of dissertations and theses, an oft overlooked source dimension.
"The Trade" reports some comtemporary or historical information on bookstores, publishing, manufacturing, or other related concerns.
"Natural Things" points to our natural physical environment, parks, etc.
"Roar, Chatter, and Murmurs" usually includes a bibliography on a topic of current interest.
"The Revival Shelf" by essay or review revives interest in older publications.

The Monthly is cumulated by Will's Texana Annual, a cumulation of the Monthly, plus a variety of extra added attractions.

"Will's Texas Parlor" is of course a different variation of observation, just stuff, usually on the web that I find of interest.

If you wish to send books etc. or review send them to 12618 Ashcroft, Houston, Texas, 77035.
If you wish to write a review or article sent it to

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