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Friday, February 29, 2008

Houston Online History

Houston, Texas Online History
A Categorized Webliography of Houston Historical Interests Online:
A Starter Kit

By Will Howard

Back in the olden days, researching meant paper, maybe with a touch of film. Then came electricity.

Houston is such a large place with such a rich history that straping it down with a few websites is not a probable task. All organizations and institutions that provide a link list do so scantily. A couple of years ago the City of Houston Mayor formed a task force on Houston history. As a last minute thought, I was asked to compile a list of websites of interest. I did so and it was a rough list of about 150 sites. Occasionally, I tinker with it, and now it's over 300 sites, and still a bit rough and unbalanced. It does string out to about 30 pages.
I wonder how large it can get before the simple "list" format is no longer practical. But lists are wonderful. Image the difference in a library where you are restricted to ONLY using the catalog because the stacks are "restricted" to staff ony. Gee, the serendipituos learning that occurs when browsing a collection freely is remarkably rewarding. So browsing a simple list( as compared to being forced to search a database and retrieving only single hits without a content of the total) is usually quite wonderful. I suppose the interim stage is when the list become so long that the compiler begins categorizing the entries.
The list of "History Interest Groups" is interesting in itself.

However, if you'd like a copy just let me know.
It's a free electric monograph that I can email to you.

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