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Friday, February 29, 2008

Texas to Save Jericho

Way back before the writers' strike, the new TV show "Jericho" aired and found a modest cult following, but the network wonks leaned toward cancellation and the strike bit off a few heads. The series disappeared. The angry mob assailed the castle. Jericho has now returned. Jerich is set in modern Kansas, just after a series of mysterious nuclear blasts have devasted the country.

The show's first new episode opens with the country now divided into two countries, east and west, Kansas is in the west. It seems the western Allied States of America is strangely off-beat and oppressive.

A reference to made that actually Texas is split off again, and Texas may save the country. Now that a nice turn. Keep watching.

The few, last episodes were followed. Ultimately our Kansas patriots saw the light found their "Allied United States" government vastly corrupt and began their rebellion. As the hero was jetting to independent Texas, he was attacked by AUS jets at the Texas border, but sure enough a couple of Texas jets appeared and shot down the enemy, thus assuring that rebellious freedom would ring west of the Mississippi. So ended "Jericho" as a television series.

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