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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Chronicle Exposes School Libraries

The Houston Chronicle recently displayed plain common sense and leadership on our children's education as squarely based on their school libraries.

The article by Jennifer Radcliffe made the front page and above the fold. By simply letting the facts and experts tell the story, she exposed the stunning reality that HISD and other area Districts are sharply below standards on the number and age of books available in our students' libraries, the availability of professionally educated staff (sometimes no staff at all), and, surprise of surprises, no libraries at all in some schools.

Only days later four letters to the Editor were printed, all clearly advocating improvement.

The next week, another letter writer revealed the state's separate culpability in undermining our libraries.

In its boldest stance, the Chronicle also ran its own editorial, at the top, further remarking on the the necessity of such a simple component of the educational experience. In fact, the Chron noted that the availability of a well stocked library was SECOND!!!!! only to socioeconomic factors in determining the success of the students on the usual tests - that's SECOND! Good libraries in schools are that important.

If we wish to destroy the next generation, it's easy, take away their books - if not, give them good libraries.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Texas Museums Exhibit Record: A Directory of 2007

Following is the "Introduction" to the December issue of Will's Texana Monthy. We wondered, "What did our museums do this year?"


The Texas Museums Exhibits Record: A Directory of 2007 was made possible by the growing sophistication and outreach of the Texas Association of Museums with
the electronic world and the broader bibliographic view of Will’s Texana. We wondered, “What did the museums exhibit this year?” The TAM website has a regular, monthly feature listing its members’ current exhibits as submitted for that purpose. The lists of August onward were captured and interfiled under their respective cities and Texas-based institutions for your inspection. The list is intriguing and inspiring to recognize the variety of productions across the state. December is a great time to visit your local museums.

Museums are curious creatures, for the public as well as for the museums’ staffs. The Texas museum heritage stretches far back. In homes and organizations at some time a few artifacts begin to gather, often for nostalgia, inspiration, merchandizing, or even a legal purpose. In time their location becomes stabilized on a chest of drawers, a cupboard, a shelf, or wrapped carefully away. The keeper began a casual patter for family members, customers, or visitors. Seniors begin jotting notes, enthusiastic youngsters start asking questions, and the ember of a museum begins it slow smolder toward formality. The Handbook of Texas Online offers a brief historical gesture at

Most museums’ subjects are local or state oriented and those that are not demonstrate the cosmopolitan nature of Texans as we visually touch the art, business, and technology of other lands. For the present compilation, all exhibits are included here whether they are Texana or not. Not all TAM members post their exhibits with TAM.

We found no current retrospective compilation of Texas museum exhibits, but the electronic world hastens communication and permits this compilation with some ease where previously it would have been onerous.

December exhibits are in red. Although some museums do not show a currently open exhibit they are open for business and your pleasure and edification for their ongoing exhibits and exhibits not reported here. TAM members who do not post their exhibit with TAM are not cited here.

TAM membership includes many institutional members, but some small museums are not members. Their connection to TAM would be beneficial. A brief history of TAM is on their website at “About TAM / History” at

Locations and contact information for each museum can be found on the website at “Find a Museum / TAM Member Links” at

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Will Howard and Texas Children's Literature

I post this in preparation of the November Will's Texana Monthly entitled: Children's Texana Picture and Easy Books of Recent Interest: A Casual Bibliography of about 150 titles.

I became aware of the genre through previous matters. I co-chaired in the middle 1970s a Youth Services Interest Group Task Force for the Southwestern Library Association to compile a selective bibliography of books in print. It was intended to supplement The Southwest in Children's Books: A Bibliography, edited by Mildred Harrington (Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1952).

The subsequent distant touchstone for that project was Southwest Heritage: a literary history with bibliography, 2nd edition, by Mabel Major, Rebecca Smith, and T.M. Pearce (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1948.) Southwest Heritage’s 1938 edition lacks a children’s section. But, of course, there was Texas in Children's Books compiled by Kay Pinckney Braziel and Dorothy Brand Smith. (Austin: Univ. of Texas at Austin, Graduate School of Library Science, 1974.) Another earlier work consulted was “A Collection of Stories of Early Texas for Supplementary Reading in the Elementary Grades” by Leslie Mullin, a master’s thesis from Southwest Texas State Teachers College, 1943. Several locally compiled lists from Dallas etc. were also considered, e.g., A List of Books and Related Materials about Texas for use in schools, by Mary Akin Cochran (Austin Public Schools, 1952.) That SWLA task force’s work became a paperback list, A Selective Guide to In-print Children's Books about the Southwest co-edited by Will Howard and Judith Bryant (Dallas: Southwestern Library Association, Youth Services Interest Group, 1977.) Through that project, Texas writer Byrd Baylor’s elegant, humanistic, and charming books came to dwell in my sentiments. And we’ve all slapped our legs on James Rice’s humor.

Determining that Texana in general was not systematically monitored, I founded the Texas Bibliographical Society’s Texas Current Bibliography and Index (early 1970s to 1981), and I deliberately included children’s material in that periodical’s listings. The TCBI as served as a book review index.

After a trip to Chicago, I collected children’s material published by the communist Chinese government because they were so intriguing to compare with our democratic Western European tradition and so revealing by a reverse mirror image. I married children’s librarian Carol Spencer with her interest, research and personal collection of Wanda Gag, who established the modern American picture book standard with Million of Cats.

I wrote and published an ABC book on Austin, Texas, Arthur’s Austin ABC: Arturo en Austin, un abecedario, illustrated by Ben Sargent and translated by Maria Isabel Jofre (Winter Wheat House, 1981). At the time Texana picture books, indeed even alphabet books, were available but in relatively small numbers. For a while I consulted for school libraries and taught in some Austin private schools.

Some time later, in Houston, the arrival of youngsters into Houston Public Library’s Texas Room, where I served for many years, was a continuing pleasure.

When I retired and began the Monthly, I included youngsters’ books. My discovery of the National Center for Illustrated Children’s Literature and Museum at with its wonderful facility in Abilene has been a delight.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ghosts in the Handbook of Texas and TARO

Almost 300 uses of the word "ghost" in the Handbook of Texas Online

Almost 100 citations of the "ghost" in the Texas Archives Research Organization files

Ghost and Haunts

Texas Hauntings -150 haunts

Texas Escapes: another long list of ghosts

My UFO Blog _ with maybe a thousand sighting of ghosts etc

Lone Star Spirits
Ghosts by city
Amarillo Austin Corpus Christi Dallas El Paso
Fort Worth Galveston Houston Lubbock San Antonio

The Beer Bytch - has a list of about 500

Invisible Ink
Brief introduction to writing a book of ghost stories

Haunted Libraries in Texas

Britannica Blog

Texas Environment Blogs

Environment Texas Blog

Texas Campaign for the Environment

TCE Enviro Blog: Quite simply, the blog that tracks and updates you on all info Texas Campaign for the Environment.

Texas Trash Watch: Keeping you informed on the latest concerning facts about Texas landfills.

Nature Writers of Texas

El Llanero
Crows Really Are Wise
Journals of an Amateur Naturalist
Circus of the Spineless

Saturday, September 29, 2007

La Bloga: Chicano / a authors

Chicano Literature, Chicano Writers, Chicano Fiction, Children's Literature, News, Views & Reviews. [También de Chicanas.]

Floricanto and Tejana novels and humor

From out in California Floricanto Press, 3 items are found

La Picardía Chicana: Latino Folk Humor. Folklore Latino Jocoso. José R. Reyna, Edited by Andrea Alessandra Cabello, University of California, Berkeley, with the Assistance of Gloria Canales. 0-915745-42-9 $35.00 Bulk sales for class use $25.00

Latina Mistress. By R.F. Sánchez 978-0-915745-91-3. 332 pgs. $24.95

La Gringa. By Pedro Martínez. ISBN: 978-0-915745-94-4. 428 pgs. $25.95

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tx Dept of Ag - Land Heritage Program,1987,1848_5409_0_0,00.html?channel=5409

Over 4000 sites recognized, but I didn't find an online list. But it seems I saw a paper version once upon a time.

"The Family Land Heritage Program honors farms and ranches that have been in continuous agricultural operation by the same family for 100 years or more. The program is designed to recognize and chronicle the unique history of Texas agriculture and the men and women who settled this great state and continue the tradition today.
Since the program started in 1974, the Texas Department of Agriculture has recognized more than 4,200 farms and ranches in 232 counties across Texas. "

A map at Family Land Heritage Honorees By County Map 1974-2006 can help.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

TAMU Historic Building models for sale
Historic Buildings include original structures built prior to the modern age of A&M when women were enrolled and manditory Corps participation ceased.

Academic Building$20.00
Chemistry Building (1929)$20.00
Civil Engineering Building (1932)$21.00
Cushing Memorial Library$20.00
DeWare Field House$18.00
G. Rollie White Coliseum$20.00
Legett Hall (1911)$21.00
Scoates Hall$20.00
Nagle Hall$20.00

(/For those of you who always wanted to buy a college)

American Society Mechanical Engineers - Landmarks

Texas listing

#52 Saturn V Rocket (1967)
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Clear Lake City, Texas: largest rocket engines at the time of the first US lunar missions
#160 ABACUS II Integrated-Circuit Wire Bonder (1972)*
Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas: world's first practical production machine for the assembly of integrated circuits, making possible their economical production
#154 Greens Bayou Generator Plant (1949)
Houston Lighting and Power Co., Houston, Texas: first fully outdoor turbine-generator to be placed in commercial operation
#155 Milam High-rise Air Conditioned Building (1928)
Milam GP Limited, San Antonio, Texas: first US air-conditioned high-rise office building
#242 Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar Apparatus (1962)
Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas: Mechanical test instrument used to measure and characterize the dynamic response of materials at high strain rates
#227 First Ram-Type Blowout Preventer (BOP) (1922)
Cameron World Headquarters, Houston, Texas: first ram-type blowout preventer, which sealed the wellhead and controlled pressure during drilling and oil production operations
#125 Pullman Sleeping Car Glengyle (1911)
Age of Steam Railroad Museum, Dallas, Texas: earliest known survivor of the fleet of heavyweight, all-steel sleepers built by the Pullman Company
#137 Texas & Pacific #610 Lima Superpower Steam Locomotive (1927)
Texas State Railroad Historical Park, Palestine, Texas: sole surviving example of the earliest form of "superpower" steam locomotives
#145 Southern Gas Association-PCRC Analog Facility (1956)
Dallas, Texas: first computer system to be applied to the design of natural-gas pipeline systems
#231 LeTourneau (1922)
Longview, TX. ASME Landmark since 2004, the Mountain Mover Earthmoving Scraper helped lead to better access to farming land and road, highway and airport building for decades after its introduction
#163 Meter-type Gas Odorizer (1937)
Peerless Manufacturing R & D Facility, Dallas, Texas: early safety device for introducing odor into natural-gas lines to make leaks apparent
#179 Newell Shredder (1969)
Newell Industries, San Antonio, Texas: second and earliest surviving automobile shredder for recycling scrap metal
#173 Burton Farmers Gin Mill (1914)
Burton, Texas: earliest known survivor of an integrated cotton ginning system widely used in the southern United States
#10 USS Texas' Reciprocating Steam Engines (1914)
San Jancinto Battleground State Park, Houston, Texas: last reciprocating marine engines installed in a naval ship
#239 Hughes Glomar Explorer
Built to lift a sunk Soviet submarine from the bottom of the Pacific. Designated as an ASME Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark in Houston, Texas on July 20, 2006
#151 Victoria Dutch Windmill (1840s)
City of Victoria, Parks and Recreation Dept., Victoria, Texas: mid-19th-century wind-powered gristmill of Dutch turret-mill style

National Parks Ser - Historic Landmarks Program

Search for Texas at

Alamo San Antonio Texas Building
Apollo Mission Control Center Houston Texas Building
Bastrop State Park Bastrop Texas District
Dealey Plaza Historic District DallasTexas District
East End Historic District GalvestonTexas District
ELISSA (Bark) Galveston Texas Structure
Espada Aqueduct San AntonioTexas Structure
Fair Park Texas Centennial Buildings DallasTexas District
Fort Belknap GrahamTexas Building
Fort Brown BrownsvilleTexas District
Fort Concho San Angelo Texas District
Fort Davis Fort DavisTexas District
Fort Richardson JacksboroTexas Building
Fort Sam Houston Fort Sam HoustonTexas District
Garner, John Nance, House UvaldeTexas Building
Governor's Mansion (Austin) AustinTexas Building
HA. 19 (Midget Submarine) Fredericksburg Texas Structure
Hangar 9, Brooks Air Force Base San AntonioTexas Building
Harrell Site South BendTexas Site
Highland Park Shopping Village Highland ParkTexas Building
J A Ranch (Goodnight Ranch) Palo DuroTexas District
Johnson, Lyndon Baines, Boyhood Home Johnson CityTexas Building
King RanchKingsville andTexas District
Landergin Mesa VegaTexas Site
Lexington, USS (Aircraft Carrier)Corpus ChristiTexas Structure
Lubbock Lake SiteLubbockTexasSite
Lucas Gusher, Spindletop Oil FieldBeaumontTexasSite
Majestic TheatreSan AntonioTexasBuilding
Mission ConcepcionSan AntonioTexasBuilding
Palmito Ranch BattlefieldBrownsvilleTexasDistrict
Palo Alto BattlefieldBrownsvilleTexasSite
Plainview SitePlainviewTexasSite
Porter FarmTerrellTexasSite
Presidio Nuestra Senora De Loreto De La BahiaGoliadTexasBuilding
Randolph Field Historic DistrictSan AntonioTexasDistrict
Rayburn, Samuel T,. HouseBonhamTexasBuilding
Resaca De La Palma BattlefieldBrownsvilleTexasSite
Roma Historic DistrictRomaTexasDistrict
San Jacinto BattlefieldHoustonTexasSite
Space Environment Simulation Laboratory, Chambers A and B HoustonTexasStructure
Spanish Governor's Palace San AntonioTexasBuilding
Strand Historic District GalvestonTexasDistrict
TEXAS (USS) HoustonTexasStructure
Texas State Capitol AustinTexasBuilding
Trevino-Uribe Rancho San YgnacioTexasBuilding
Woodland HuntsvilleTexasBuilding

Texas Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks in Wikipedia

Our built environment is a major portion of our preserved history and culture.

Wikipedia has some interesting offerings:

Brooks AFB, Old Hangar 9, San Antonio
San Antonio River Walk & Flood Control System, San Antonio
Galveston Seawall and Grade Raising, Galveston
Acequias of San Antonio, San Antonio
El Camino Real (The Royal Road) Eastern Branch, San Antonio
Denison Dam, Denison
Texas Commerce Bank (formerly Gulf, now Chase) Building, Houston
San Jacinto Monument, Houston
International Boundary Marker #1, El Paso
Houston Ship Channel, Houston

with years of dedication (Click on a project name that is in red to see more information about it.)

National CE Landmarks in Texas
Galveston Seawall and Grade Raising Galveston 2001
Hangar 9, Brooks AFB San Antonio 1998
Gulf Building (Texas Commerce Bank, now Chase Bank) Houston 1997
San Antonio's River Walk San Antonio 1996
Denison Dam (with Oklahoma Section) Red River 1993
The San Jacinto Monument East Harris County 1992
Houston Ship Channel Houston 1987
El Camino Real, Eastern Branch San Antonio 1986
International Boundary Marker No. 1 (with New Mexico and Mexico Sections) El Paso 1976
Acequias of San Antonio San Antonio 1968

Texas CE Landmarks
Bataan Memorial Trainway El Paso 2003
Hays Street Bridge San Antonio 2001
Highland Chain of Lakes Texas Hill Country 2000
Holly Pump Station and North Holly Water Treatment Plant Fort Worth 1992
Medina Dam Lake Medina 1991
Buchanan Dam Lake Buchanan 1990
Original Dallas Floodway Dallas 1989
Houston Street Viaduct Dallas 1989
Corpus Christi Seawall Corpus Christi 1988
El Camino Real, Central Branch El Paso 1988
Mills Building El Paso 1981
Paddock Viaduct Fort Worth 1976
Alamo Portland and Roman Cement Works(San Antonio Japanese Tea Gardens) San Antonio 1976
Franklin Canal El Paso 1976
Galveston Seawall and Grade Raising Galveston 1975
Waco Suspension Bridge Waco 1971

Historic Markers with Other Sections
International Boundary Marker No. 1 (with New Mexico and Mexico Sections) El Paso 1976
International Boundary Markerbetween the Republic of Texas andthe U.S. (with Louisiana Section) Logansport, LA 1980
Denison Dam (with Oklahoma Section) Red River 1993

Other sources:
Texas Almanac
see also:

Texas CE (Austin Branch, Texas Section - History and Heritage Committee) (for national awards)

Consider adding to these lists or using them to augment your communites awareness of their history through civil engineering

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yahoo search finds 1275 podcasts for "Texas"

Texas in blogsphere in

The keyword "Texas" brings up 57,228 blogs

Texas Bigfoot Research Center

For inquiring minds

Texas Digital Library blogs

Mike Cox's Lone Star Books blog

Corpus Christi Caller newspaper blog and books

On My Nightstand

TAMU Publishing Consortium blog

A Collection of left bank blogs of Texas

Does not include the Rainmaker

9520 Texas blogs

Banned Book Week and ACLU in Texas

Texas official State Seal - History

Ed Blackburn and the Texana Review

At Ed Blackburn has confected a warm and attractive pod cast, The Texana Review. And, well, it's useful also for those interested in history, literature, and the land, not a bad trifecta. Ed skillfully produces about a cast a week on the average. For example, he interviews Elmer Kelton (in 5 parts) and Joachim Jackson the Texas Ranger (the star and gun type not the ball hurlers). He considers a number of land and energy questions. But I guess my favorite is his early morning video of his neighbor's house being demolished because as you watch and listen all sorts of wonderment falls forth.

Texas Bob has few children's books

Texas and Global Warming - very briefly

Houston Chronicle Houston History blog

Despite the assumption that Houston is built JUST SO somebody can igore yesterday, the venerable rag takes up the cause

North Texas Regional Library System blog, podcast

Good for professionals to glance at from time to time. A full description of the Dobie grants for small Texas libraries is there. There's also a note of a children's bookstore closing. Other more technical material serving librarians is chocked here.
Oh! There's a desciption of their podcasting project "Librarian Live,"

Honeygrove Tx: setting of One Tree Hill tv show

Yes hear the sounds and music as OTH shoots in Honeygrove

Gunsmoke as radio before tv

Some folks have captured early radio shows like "Gunsmoke" before James Arness.

This episode features "Texas Cowboys"

Book review: Preacher: Gone to Texas

Yes, a myspace entry.

Passport to Texas via Parks & Wildlife Dept podcast

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has distributed radio show via its Passport to Texas. A variety of the are also posted as audios here.

Texas Observer blog

For a view from the left side of the river, try the Texas Observer's blog

Dallas New Books Blog

The Dallas Morning News ( a Belo production) has a book blog that often has Texana notes there within.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Current Bibliographies of Texas Texana 2006

Will's Texana Annual: 2006 (issued March 2007) will contain a trio of current bibliographies of Texas.

The "Current Trade" bibliography contains about 800 citations of material about Texas published during 2006. The citations are spare, just author, title, place of publication, publisher, and date. The list includes non-fiction, fiction, children's, poetry, pictorials, etc. Some Spanish language material is included. Often the fiction and juvenile material is so labelled.

The "Current State Government" bibliography includes about 400 selections from the listings provided by the Texas State Library and Archives Commissions Clearinghouse program. Monograph and serials are included.

The "Current Dissertations & Theses" listing contains about 200 titles of more general interest, less technical.

The ANNUAL also includes a retrospection cumulation of the Monthly, and a directory of Texana depositories in Texas.

And a few other items.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Directory of Texana Depositories in Texas

The Directory of Texana in Texas" was developed part of "Will's Texas Annual," and companion to the Monthly and the Parlor blog is being compiled. First released in March 2007, on CD, USB Flash Drive, and paper. Deadline was, Valentine's Day, send info to

At present the Directory contains about 800 institutions spread over 125 pages. It is arranged by city. Intended for electronic use, address, telephone, etc are not supplied here, rather the most up to date information will be on the web sites supplied. Each entry often, but not always, contains

City'sName: Institution, web site, Revelevant Department Name, more specific web site address, summary description of depository collection strengths (some a mere line, some an inch or two, and some a page in length).

If you are readers of "Will's Texana Monthly, you've noticed, I'm compiling a Will's Texana Annual, a cumulation of the Monthly with some extra added attractions, including a "Directory of Texana Depositories in Texas ," and a variety of other works totalling about 600 pages.

Does your local institution have a mentionable collection? What about your neighbors?
The Directory is presently intended to include those institutions with Texana "as a subject matter," although I vary. Some institutions are small, some large. My descriptions vary - from a mere institutional mention, or up to a page; some are mine as original, some are taken from web sites, and some offered upon query from the institutions.

One method I used to collect information was to use some pre-existing organizational lists: including the institutional membership of Archivists of the Houston Area, the RHRD depository list, the institutional membership list of the Texas Association of Museums, the list of Texas State government depositories, the list of contributors to TARO, the list of contributors to UNT's Portal to Texas history. I've queried TLA's ALHRT listserv and several other units of TLA, as well as the Metropolitan Archivists (of DFW), the San Antonio Regional Archivists, and the Austin Archivists Association, and the Border Regional Archivist Group (BRAG). I visited a number of public, special, and academic library web sites, but certainly not all. And etc.

While the list has lengthened, it is certainly not comprehensive. I choose to not apply "too strict" a definition of inclusion or exclusion. Yes, the broadest definition would be maybe several thousand, but well, even I wish to enjoy a separate life. I'll collect what I collect and go from there, there after.

If you wish to email to me a separate description of your collection, do please do so. It'd be helpful if a website were named. I'm at willstexana

If you wish to direct me to other depositories or provide a description of those, please do so.

SAMPLE ENTRIES (unedited as of 1/25) see below

Alpine: Sul Ross State University Museum of the Big Bend . Includes artifacts of the Big Bend region, including the Native Americans, Spanish, Mexicans, and Anglo-Americans who inhabited the area. “For more than 70 years the Museum of the Big Bend has been collecting and exhibiting artifacts of the vast Big Bend region. Encompassing the Davis Mountains to the north and the borderlands of Mexico, the Big Bend has been inhabited for over 11,000 years. Throughout that time, four distinct cultures emerged and shaped the history and heritage of the region. Together with the Center for Big Bend Studies, the Museum of the Big Bend's goal is to capture this human history that reflects contributions of the Native Americans, the Spanish, the Mexicans and the Anglo-Americans. Today at the Museum of the Big Bend, both adults and children enjoy experiencing and learning about yesterday in the Last Frontier of Texas.”
Alpine: Sul Ross State University Bryan Wildenthal Memorial Library Documents Dept. This institution participates in the TSLAC State Government Publications Depository Program
Alvin: Alvin Museum Society Cummins-Smith House, Marguerite Rogers House Museum, Twin Oaks Cited by Tex Assn Museums
Alvin: Nolan Ryan Exhibit A baseball exhibit, chronicles the life and baseball career of Alvin's favorite son in many state-of-the-art exhibits. Cited by Tex Assn Museums
Alvord: Alvord Public Library / Portal to Texas History: Local history materials from town, church and business records from the late nineteenth and early twentieth Centuries. / View the Alvord Public Library materials.

If you get this information afterward, do still contribute the information in anticipation of the next edition.
Will Howard

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Texas History Teachers Conference at Huntsville Jan 2007

The 2nd Annual Texas History Conference

January 12 & 13, 2007

Education Service Center, Region VI

Huntsville, Texas

Bill Shuttlesworth, Social Studies Specialist, ESC Region VI
3332 Montgomery Road
Huntsville, Texas 77340
(936) 435-8338

Will's Texas Calendar 2007



January 13-14, 2007: Southwest Book, Photo, and Paper Show in Austin. .

January 20, 2007 Houston Museum District Open House for 9 major institutions: Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, The Children's Museum of Houston, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, The Health Museum, Holocaust Museum Houston, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Fine Arts, Pioneer Memorial Log House Museum,
and more than forty others. Ride a bus for free to get around.

January 22-27, 2007 “Angelo Civic Theatre will host the inaugural Feast of Santa Angela, celebrating the twin spirits of creativity and generosity that have shaped our city since its founding in the late 1860s. All throughout this momentous week there will be numerous opportunities to celebrate art, education, history and the spirit of giving that makes San Angelo a place like no other!” There’ll be books, arts, a celebration of Santa Angela, history, gourmet foods, a bloodless bullfight by high professionals, and an ecumenical worship service. Judged by its full press release from the Angelo Civic Theater, the week’s events are sensitive, insightful, and to the marrow what community is about. If you don’t get there ask Alicia Gibson - Event Chairperson - – to share what she did. She should be proud. WH


February: County Historical Commissions are preparing their annual reports for the Texas Historical Commission

February 1-2, 2007: Victoria College’s John W. Stormont Lectures on South Texas

February 5-6 Texas Library Association Legislative Day, Registration - Hotel - Additional Information:

February 14-17, 2007: Southwest/Texas Popular & American Culture Associations in Albuquerque, NM at Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, 330 Tijeras, Albuquerque, NM 87102, Phone: 281. 455. 3289

February 16-17, 2007: East Texas Historical Association Spring Meeting in Beaumont, Texas.

February 17 – March 18: Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Possibly the largest historical re-enactment. Agriculture, education, entertainment, Western heritage.

February 19, 2007: DRT Texas History Forum commemorates start of Alamo siege.
“The February 23rd History Forum features Paula Allen, Dr. Ron Tyler, and James Bevill. Dr. Tyler will speak on bird’s eye views of Texas cities and the online exhibit prepared by the Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, . Paula Allen will compare San Antonio as it was in the 19th century with the city as it is now. James Bevill, Vice President of the Texas Numismatic Association, has been working with Dr. Bruce Winders, Historian and Curator at the Alamo, to create an exhibit about Republic of Texas currency and his presentation is titled “A Paper Trail across the Republic of Texas,”a visual journey through the paper money used by the Republic of Texas (1836-1846) in which he relates the currency to early politics, the location of the capital, and other significant events and key personalities of the period.”


March 1-3, 2007: Texas Classroom Teachers Association Convention

March 2, 2007: “Texas Week”

March 8- 10, 2007: Texas State Historical Association’s 111th Annual Meeting - San Antonio “This year, joint sessions with other historical organizations include the Texas Catholic Historical Society,, Texas Oral History Association,, the Texas State Historical Commission,, the Texas Baptist Historical Society,, Texas Archeological Society,, and Texas Parks & Wildlife, . Also scheduled are the Handbook of Texas workshop, the Quarterly and publications workshop, the business meeting, and various committee meetings. In addition, the Webb Society Annual Meeting will take place Friday with chapter reports and the presentation of four papers.”

March 2, 2007: Texas Independence Day, Texas Flag Day, Sam Houston Day

March 11-17, 2007: The National Society of Newspaper Editors across the state and nation take this opportunity to test their and the government’s abilities to successfully request government documentation to highlight the Freedom of Information options and requirements.

March 23-24, 2007: Best Southwest BookFest in DeSoto

March 23-24, 2007 - Texas Map Society spring meeting in Nacogdoches.

On March 24 2007: Glenwood Cemetery Honored Internees Honored by DRT. “The Daughters of the Republic of Texas District VI will be honoring up to 70 Citizens, Defenders and Veterans of the Republic of Texas who are buried at Glenwood Cemetery in Houston. This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Houston and includes notables such as Anson Jones, Thomas Lubbock, George Herman, Mrs. Augustus Allen and numerous other recognizable names from the Republic of Texas era. The ceremony will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church , 800 Houston Ave. (corner of Washington Ave. ) at 2 pm, Saturday, March 24, just a few blocks from Glenwood cemetery. Many living descendants of the honorees will be there. Please mark your calendar for March 24, 2007 and plan to attend this ceremony with us.” Anita Cooper, District VI Representative, DRT, , 409-945-6849.

March 24-25, 2007: 22nd Annual Goliad Massacre - Fort Defiance Living History Program. “A re-creation of the occupation of the fort by Col. Fannin and the Goliad Massacre. The only event of its kind in the State of Texas.”

March 30-31, 2007: West Texas Historical Association Annual Conference in Abilene.


April 2007: National Poetry Month

April 5-7, 2007: Texas Folklore Society’s 91st Annual Meeting - in San Antonio at the Omni San Antonio.

April 6-7, 2007: Junior Historians Annual Meeting & History Fair

April 11-15, 2007: Texas Library Association Annual Conference at the San Antonio Omni Hotel “Strong Libraries, Strong Communities”

April 12-14, 2007: Annual Historic Preservation Conference, sponsored by the Texas Historical Commission, in Austin at the Lakeway Inn and Conference Center

April 13-14, 2007: Texas Institute of Letters annual meeting in Dallas. NEW WEBSITE NOTICE!

April 13-15, 2007: Sons of the Repubilc of Texas, Annual Meeting, Corpus Christi, Texas, Radisson Hotel Corpus Christi Beach.

April 14, 2007: Battle of San Jacinto Symposium in Houston at the UH Hilton, sponsored by the Friends of San Jacinto Battleground 281 496-1488

April 15-21: National Coin Week (annually 3rd week of April) “Texas Numismatic Association and the Bellaire Coin Club collaborated with the Dallas Historical Society, the Friends of the San Jacinto Battleground and Sterling Bank to create a historical artifact and paper money exhibit on the Republic of Texas 1836-1846. This is Sterling Bank’s 6th annual Republic of Texas exhibit which celebrates Texas history.” (This exhibit at Sterling Bank in Houston on Gessner) Info: Submitted by James P. Bevill - Texas Numismatic Association-1st V.P 713-993-1505 -

April 17 -20, 2007: Texas Association of Museums annual conference in Austin at the Doubletree. Theme: Becoming Somewhere: Museums in the Mix Texas Association of Museum “represents over 260 museums and 600 individuals throughout Texas and across the nation. The largest state museum association in the nation, TAM provides a network among museums, improves the level of professionalism within the museum community, increases the use and enjoyment of museums by the public, and serves as an information clearinghouse about museums.”

April 19, 2007: The Texas Writers Conference is being held on the Schreiner University campus. Featured guest: Tim Hazell (Sweden/San Miguel de Allende, Mexico) is our featured artist / writer / performer. Writer in residence for a week. Details and schedules TBA. “The Texas Writers Conference features writers from all genres and is held each spring. This event gives the community, students, faculty and staff an opportunity to interact with writers from across the country. Writers showcased in the past include Sandra Cisneros, Joy Harjo, Robert Flynn, Red Steagall, Buck Ramsey, N’Tazake Shange, Kinky Friedman, Ish Kundawala and many more. The event includes afternoon workshops, an open mike, and an evening reading by the showcased writer or panel of writers.”

April 20-22, 2007 - Center for the Advancement and Study of Early Texas Art's 5th Annual Spring Symposium in Dallas, Texas at the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center.

April 21, 2007: San Jacinto Day Official Commemoration at the Battleground

April 21, 2007 - Permian Basin Historical Society Spring Meeting at the Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas.

April 21, 2007: 7th Annual North Texas Book Festival in Denton, at 321 E. McKinney, Denton Civic Center.

April 22, 2007: Battle of San Jacinto Triathlon

April 24-25, 2007: The HoustonAssociation of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) Annual Conference “Making It Happen!” in Houston (actually in Stafford) at the Stafford Centre.

April 27, 2007: Western Writers Conference, Panhandle Plains Historical Museum,

April 27, 2007: Texas Women’s History Network, first annual conference, at Rice University.

April 27-29, 2007: Texas Old Missions and Forts Restoration Association – Spring Conference, “Out in the West Texas town of El Paso.” TOMFRA is almost fifty years old.
April 28, 2007 - the 37th Annual Ranch Day at the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock, Texas.

April 26-28, 2007 - Texas Tech University Center for the Southwest and the College of Education, Bilingual Education and Diversity Studies Program - Conference on Hispanics in the Southwest.

April 27-28, 2007: Texas History Day,


May, 2007: National Preservation Month

May 4, 2007: Literary Lubbock- A Benefit Dinner and Evening with Southwestern Authors.

May 5, 2007: Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2007: Friends of Southwestern Art Annual Luncheon at Panhandle Plains Historical Museum

May 19, 2007: Looking for Mules in all the High Places: The Cochran County Historical Commission and Texas’ Last Frontier Museum, in collaboration with the Bailey County Historical Commission, Hockley County Historical Commission and the Muleshoe Heritage Center, will sponsor a nighttime stargazing party at the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge at Paul’s Lake, within the grounds of the refuge east of Highway 214. (H-Texas)

May 24-June 2, 2007: Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville.

May 30-June2, 2007: Society of Southwest Archivists Annual Meeting. In Oklahoma City.


June 1-2, 2007: Summer Houston Postcard & Paper Show, The Arabia Shrine Center, Houston Texas

June 8-10, 2007: Texas Folklife Festival. 36th Annual Texas Folklife Festival—Deep in
the Heart of Texans!

June 8-9, 2007: Fort Worth Postcard & Paper Show, Lockheed-Martin Recrteation Center, Fort Worth Texas

June 9-16, 2007: Texas Archeological Society’s summer school will be conducted at Menard using the site of the mid1700’s Presidio de San Saba site. Dr. Tamra Walker leads.

June 12-16, 2007: Western Writers of American Annual Conference in Springfield, Missouri.

June 15–17, 2007: Agents & Editors Conference, Writers’ League of Texas .

June 19, 2007: Juneteenth: Emancipation Day

June 23-24, 2007: Latino Book and Family Festival in Dallas/Fort Worth


July 27-29, 2007: Mayborn Literary Non-fiction Writers Conference of the Southwest, featuring Joyce Carol Oates. Hilton DFW Grapevine, Texas


August 3-4: Rocky Mountain Book & Paper Show. Rocky Mountain Antiquarian Booksellers Association in Denver.

August 3-5, 2007: Western Film Festival, Don Graham speaking.

August 10-11, 2007: German-Texan Heritage Society Annual Meeting and Convention, San Antonio, 512-482-0927.

August 27, 2007: Lyndon B. Johnson Day


September 1, 2007 Brady: World Championship Barbeque Goat Cook-Off & Arts & Crafts Fair in Brady. Contact: .

September 1-2, 2007: 11th Annual Palomino Fest in Uvalde.

September 15, 2007: The Sons of the Republic of Texas requests your presence to honor Texian Navy Day at 11:00 AM at the Texas State Cemetery 909 Navasota Street - Austin, Texas. Keynote speaker will be The Honorable Jerry Patterson, Commissioner, Texas General Land Office, and Governor Perry's representative to the Texas Navy Association Board of Directors, Galveston, Texas. Contact David Hanover, Chairman, Texas Navy Committee, SRT:

September 15, 2007: Texian Navy Day Saturday, September 15, 2007, honoring the Texian Navy for its service to the Republic of Texas. (see: Texas Govt Code 662.051establishing September’s third Saturday of each September.

September 15-16, 2007: Austin Book and Paper Show. At the Wyndam Garden Hotel in Austin. 3401 S. I-35 (Woodward Exit).

September 20, 2007: Preservations Texas’ Preservation Roundtable, in Abilene. With the National Trust for Historic Preservation at the Abilene Preservation League’s headquarters. email or call 512.472.0102.

September 20-23, 2007: Texas Pecan Festival in Groves.

September 22, 2007 - Chihuahuan Desert Fiesta / Franklin Mountains State Park Lone Star Legacy at Tom Mays Park. Focus on the animals and plants of the Northern Chihuahuan Desert. .

September 25-29, 2007: Abilene: 7th Annual West Texas Book & Music Festival in Abilene. . Aannual, 4th weekend in September.

September 27-19, 2007: East Texas Historical Association Fall Meeting at Fredonia Hotel in Nacogdoches.

September 28-30, 2007: Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers. Annual Conference in San Angelo at Angelo State University. NOTICE NEW WEBSITE (old sites:

September 28, 2007: Texas Heritage Living History Day, as declared by the Texas Music Heritage Foundation, formerly down on the Guadalupe but now inside the city limits and all at the Schreiner University in Kerrville. Be looking for folks in period clothing and textiles, with odd accoutrements, playing old time heritage music and maybe dancing a jig or folklorico, riding horses, spouting funny talk, and causing a musical dust up or two. Just to get your attention.

September 29-30, 2007: Latino Book & Family Festival in Houston.

September 28-October 21, 2007: Texas State Fair


October: Texas Archeology Month

October: Archives Week in several locations in the state.

October 6, 2007: Permian Basin Fall Meeting in Stanton.

October 3-6, 2007: Western History Association 47th Annual Meeting in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

October 5-7, 2007: Friends of the Rosenberg Library Used Book Sale in Galveston.

October 6, 2007: Panhandle-Plains Folklife Festival.

October 6-7, 2007: 14th Annual North Texas Book & Paper Show. Sponsored by the North Texas Booksellers Association. Will Rogers Memorial Complex in Fort Worth, Texas. Chris Wright at 972-937-6502 or email:

October 10 - 13, 2007: Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society Convention, Houston Texas - at the Houston Hilton Westchase. See for details on the convention and visit

October 11 - 14, 2007: Austin Steam Train Association meeting, Austin, Texas.

October 12-13, 2007: Fire Ant Festival in Marshall.

October 18-21, 2007: 12th Annual Texas Butterfly Festival in Mission. . Annual, 3rd weekend in October.

October 26-28, 2007: The Texas Archeological Society's 78th Annual Meeting will be held in San Antonio.

October 29, 2007: Celebration of the birth of Texas hero, Juan Seguin.


November? __, 2007: South Texas Historical Association Annual Fall Meeting.

November __, 2007: Museum of Printing History Annual Rare Book Fair,

November 1, 2007: Tea: A Lecture of History & Etiquette. Farmers Branch Historical Park. Contact: Barbara Judkins, 972-919-8731,

November 2-4, 2007: Bookworm Bash in Addison.

November 3, 2007 - Golden Spur Luncheon and 30th Annual National Golden Spur Dinner at the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock, Texas.

November 3-4, 2007: Texas Book Festival

November 6-7, 2007: North Texas Book & Paper Show, in Fort Worth, with over 60 dealers showing Used and Rare titles in many specialties with a significant number showing Texana titles. Contact: .

November 7-11, 2007: American Literary Translators Association 30th Conference will be in Dallas/Richardson, Texas

November 9-11, 2007: Texas State Reading Association 36th Annual State Literacy Conference. In El Paso, TX
November 9-10: 4th Annual Books on the Bosque. Sponsored by the Bosque Conservatory in Clifton.

November 10, 2007: 5th Annual Houston Book Fair. Museum of Printing History in Houston, 1324 W. Clay. 713 522 4652

November 11, 2007: Veterans’ Day, Celebrate Freedom Week

November 15, 2007: Awards for Excellence benefiting the Dallas Historical Society.

November 29 - December 1 & Dec. 6-8, 2007: 24th Annual Christmas Candlelight Tour of Homes in Jefferson.

November 21-December 31, 2007: Wonderland of Lights in Marshall.


December 8, 2007: Bastrop’s Historic Homes Tour

December 9, 2007: Brazosport’s Holiday Tour of Homes

December 31, 2007: Marshall’s Wonderland of Lights last day.

TSHA Texas History Awareness Workshop

"Topics will focus on teaching Texas history, working with our existing programs such as Junior Historians and/or Texas History Day, and other requested topics.

For more information, contact Terri Killen
by phone (512) 471-1525 or by e-mail."

See more at link

Texas Home Educators on Texas History

An interesting site, profiling one approach to the topic.

Texas Tides Teaching Project - National Council ... Social Studies

Texas Tides

"Texas Tides, originally called Tides in Early Texas History, was funded in 2002-2003 by a Texas Infrastructure Fund Board's (TIFF) LB-9-12 month competitive grant. Through this collaborative digital project, a platform was created for memory institutions, educators, and schools to work together to enhance learning experiences for students, to bridge gaps between academic disciplines, and to increase and promote virtual access to unique cultural collections. Highlights of the Tides in Early Texas History project include: " See more at above link.

You can visit via SFASU the Texas Tides website

TSHA Texas History Awareness Workshop July 2006

Texas State Historical Association

History Awareness Workshop

July 19-22, 2006, Lee College, Baytown

National History Day: In Pursuit of Excellence

"The Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) and The University of Texas Center
for Studies in Texas History are proud to announce a Summer 2006 History
Awareness Workshop, National History Day: In Pursuit of Excellence. The
statewide conference is designed to prepare teachers, students and parents to produce
outstanding research projects using the National History Day model. Held in
Baytown, the conference will take place on Wednesday, July 19th through Saturday,
July 22nd at Lee College in partnership with the Lee College Honors Program, Goose
Creek Consolidated Independent School District, and the TSHA."

See more at link

Will's Texana Annual: A compendium of Texas

Will's Texas Annual, offered first in March of 2007, is a cumulation and re-arrangement of columns in Will's Texana Monthy (a free e-journal for your asking at and with extra added attractions, total 600 pages. Available on CD, USB Flash Drive, and paper.

Part 1: The WTM columns constitute about 200 pages.

Part 2: A TRIO of "Current Bibliographies" of about 75 pages in length
New Current Trade Books" about Texas published during 2006, about 800 titles.
"New Texas Government Publications" recently acquired by the Texas State Library, about 400 titles.
"New Dissertations and Theses of 2006," about 200 titles.

Part 3:
A "Directory of Texana Depositories in Texas," about 800 institutions, libraries, archives, and museums, about 125 pages in length

Part 4:
Added Elements (a variety of about 50 pages)
Including "Map Notes," Archival Notes", a "List of Texas State Agencies, etc." and a "Directory of Texas County Historical Commissions."

Part 5:
Hot Words Appendix (a variety of about 100 pages)
Including "Web site maps of selected organization" (Texas Association of Museums, Texas Library Association, Texas State Historical Association), - "Notes on Local and State Government Information ," - templates for two online "Reference Source Bibliograhies (one from TLA and one from TSLAC), - "Notes on Radio, Television, and Film," - and a list of "Archival History" articles in the Handbook of Texas Online.

The Annual is available on CD, USB Flash, and in printed form.


The Parlor is a companion to, yet different from, the Monthly and Annual

Will's Texana Monthly: An e-journal of Texas reviews, news, and electric observations

Will's Texana Monthly is now, with the January issue, a year old. It's a free e-journal distributed by email. If you wish to subscribe, email your interst to If you're interested in Texas, well ....

Will Howard started it after he retired from 30 years of Texana librarianship.

During 2006, we published 9 issues and took "vacation" during 3 months. WTM has various columns, some recur in every issue, others only as interest applies.

Lead articles by WTM readers or WTM staff often start the content.
The most regular column is "Reviews and Notes" for new books, CDs, movies, web sites, music, theater productions and including non-fiction, fiction, children's material, poetry, and even some droll boring stuff, etc.
"Quod Vide" is an occasional book review index to other journals.
"Portal to Texas History" is by Dreanna Belden at the University of North Texas focused on their special multi-institional, digital operation.
"Museum Matters" address some professional topic or spotlight some museum or collect museums by topic.
A "News, Calendar, Memoriam" is often included.
An "Awards" column sometimes appears.
"The DT's" brings to your attention something from the academic world of dissertations and theses, an oft overlooked source dimension.
"The Trade" reports some comtemporary or historical information on bookstores, publishing, manufacturing, or other related concerns.
"Natural Things" points to our natural physical environment, parks, etc.
"Roar, Chatter, and Murmurs" usually includes a bibliography on a topic of current interest.
"The Revival Shelf" by essay or review revives interest in older publications.

The Monthly is cumulated by Will's Texana Annual, a cumulation of the Monthly, plus a variety of extra added attractions.

"Will's Texas Parlor" is of course a different variation of observation, just stuff, usually on the web that I find of interest.

If you wish to send books etc. or review send them to 12618 Ashcroft, Houston, Texas, 77035.
If you wish to write a review or article sent it to

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Texas Council for the Social Studies

"President's PerspectiveThe TCSS conference in Fort Worth last month was a huge success with over 1300 social studies educators in attendance. Carolyne Creel, Taddie Hamilton and the tireless workers of the greater Fort Worth area local councils worked on this for over a year, overcoming obstacles including a change of hotel ownership. They also had to procure the use of the adjacent building (with the help of Pat Hardy) for additional space!"

See more at the link

UNT hosts Teaching of History Conference Sept. 16

August 17, 2006 UNT News Service

Department of History to host Teaching of History Conference on Sept. 16

DENTON (UNT), Texas -- She worked tirelessly for women's causes for 50 years, from 1851 to the early 1900s. She was a co-founder of the National Woman Suffrage Association and served as its first president. She was largely responsible for introducing a constitutional amendment for woman suffrage, which eventually became law as the 19th Amendment.

This may sound like a description of Susan B. Anthony, but it's actually facts about another, lesser-known activist for women's causes in the 19th and early 20th centuries -- Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Stanton is one of 10 historical figures who will be discussed during the University of North Texas' annual Teaching of History Conference on Sept. 16 (Saturday).

See more at link