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Monday, September 28, 2009

Angela de Hoyos Died

Angela de Hoyos (Angelina Sandoval), poet, publisher, song and writer, born in Coahuila in 1923 and a long-time San Antonio resident just recently died on September 24.  At age 86, she was a widely respected poet of South Texas and beyond the state, becoming a an icon of the Tejano Chicano literary movement.  Her collections, Chicano Poems: For the Barrio, Woman, Woman, Selecciones, and Arise Chicano!, will be valued.  And her contributions, with Moises, her husband, through publishing others via the M&A Press will be prized more as the years pass.  Folks with deeper interest may read the work edited by Luis A. Ramos and Jose Armas, Angela de Hoyos: A Critical Look (1979).

Will's Texana Youtube Channel

I've developed a Youtube channel, Will's Texana Youtube Channel.  It's free, It's easy.  An account is called a channel.
Yes, I know and groan about the junk and ephemera that's there, but this last summer I wondered, just what IS there?  So I looked.  It took a while to get the hang of it all, but using a very undisciplined method which was also very unconsistent, I cobbled together 1,000 videos from other folks' channels and centralized them into 100 topical playlists
There are some drawbacks (e.g., Youtube doesn't allow for alphabetizing the 100 playlists, so you'll find them in a jumble of 100.)  I working on a means where by they can be alphabetizing on somebody's separate page, and this alternative would also enable the addition of other folks' playlists on other channels.
I'm issuing a report on Will's Texana Youtube Channel as a special issue of my Will's Texana Monthly.  If you'd like a free copy just let me know.  That report also includes a list of the 50 or so Youtube channels to which I subscribe, some rather professionally done - historical, contemporary, nature, gardening, media, etc - and some casually produced by individuals but worthy of notice and maybe your own subscription.
The WT Channel was first intended just as a device to record what I found.  Now it serves as a repository (if temporary) to nudge librarians, archivists, historians, teachers, and other interested folks to further explore Youtube and other video repositories for their long-term value.  Already one WT channel viewer, Joan Hood, has since begun her own channel, Joan's Texas Women Channel, to collect videos exclusively on that topic which I wouldn't be able to do as well at .
Actually, I encourage you to start your own channel, if not so much to produce your own videos, but to collect along special lines.
And tell me where to go and what to do when I get there!  It's a broad prairie with only slow rolling hills.  I could use some talk and thought.
See the whole shebang at

TSHA History Day Special Awards

The Texas State Historical Association's Texas History Day special awards include
Oral History Award
The C. M. Caldwell Memorial Award for Texas History
The Colonial Dames Award
The Willie Lee Gay Award for African-American History
The Jewish History Award
The Hispanic Heritage Award
The UT Austin Liberal Arts Scholarship
The Descendents of Austin's Old Three Hundred History Award
The Jane McCallum Women in Texas History Award
The Institute of Texan Cultures Award
The Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP Legal History Award
The Texas Old Missions and Forts Restoration Association Award
The Students' Choice Exhibit Awards
The Outstanding Entry Awards
The David C. DeBoe Texas History Day Teacher Award
Read more about them at 

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Wolfe, new Exec Dir at THC

Mark Wolfe is the new  Executive Director at the Texas Historical Commission.  Light T. Cummings, our current official State Historian, provides a brief bio at his blog posting for September 1 -

Tejano authors resources

Tejano authors, and well for that matter other Texan authors, could be advantaged to inspect the in depth lists of online assistance offerered by "Bronze Word Latino Authors" at
The lists include Agents, Writers Blogs, Authors Who Twitter, Latino Awards, Book Blog Directories, Book Club Resources, Competitions & Awards, Latino Media, Latin Portals, Latino/a Authors, Pubs Friendly to Latinos, Queer Blogs, Resources, Small Presses, THEM, YA Authors Webs and Blogs - literally hundreds of citations.
The Awards include

Awards Latino