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Friday, March 19, 2010

Austin's Old 300 Settlers' Descendants

    Stephen F. Austin's settlements of Southeast Texas began formally with his first group of 300 settlers.  Those descendants have a organization and website.  A portion of their introductory webpage reads:
"Thank you for visiting our web site. As Descendants of Austin's Old Three Hundred, we are proud of our heritage and pleased that you are interested in finding out about us.  

In brief, you should know our organization held its first meeting on
June 27, 1987, in the Stephen F. Austin State Park at San Felipe, Texas.
Our initial motivations became our organization's objectives: to keep alive for inspiration, for this generation and succeeding ones, the memories of
the spirit, courage, and character of the men and women who made up Stephen Fuller Austin's first colony of Texas, known as "The Old Three Hundred."

We encourage and foster research leading to the preservation and publication of history and records about this first group of courageous Texians; therefore, we not only help sponsor students who participate in the Texas State Historical Association's "Texas History Day," but also each year we award "The Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred Research Fellowship" for the best research proposal by a doctoral candidate focusing on Texas history during the years 1820 through 1836.  Austin's Old Three Hundred is proud to partner with the Texas State Historical Association in both of these educational endeavors.

We also assist in the preservation and protection of historical places and artifacts, including old cemeteries and other sites where Old Three Hundred colonists are buried."
Some other pages include

Austin's Original Old 300
Board Members
Membership Application
News and Events
Photo Gallery
General Store
Stephen F. Austin Bio

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