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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Will's Texana Youtube Channel

After listening to the above video, click on the below link to go to the full site.

Upon arrival at Will's Texana Channel: Use the PLAYLIST button (then grid).

This Will's Texana Youtube Channel is created as a collector's channel, i.e., to collect videos from other folks' channels about Texas history, literature, nature, and other civilized contributions to modern Texas life. At present there are over 1,000 videos in the PLAYLISTS option, grouped in over 100 topical PLAYLISTS.
The playlists and the selected videos are woefully inadequate for the broadest coverage, even if selective. But it does link you to interesting videos (often downloadable for separate use).
Some are academic, others popular, some arcane. I've been selective Will's Texana Channel is created to provide some use and to demonstrate the utility of the video medium as a useful and growing means of exploring our community bibliography.
In the "SUBSCRIPTIONS" box on my site, you'll find over 70 that I recommend your consideration for subscription. Some are infrequent, other frequent in adding postings.
You also can subscribe to a channel if you have already established a Youtube channel for yourself. It's easy and free. You don't even have to post a video yourself, but it does enable you to subscribe and you'll receive occasional email notices from Youtube about new postings to the channels that you select. Click the RSS button to subscribe.
(See the next posting in the Texas Parlor for a sample of notices I've received recently.
If you wish to start a channel but are hesitant, contact me at willstexana {at} yahoo dot com
Good luck ! Will's Texana Channel

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