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Friday, March 19, 2010

Observations on the Pulpwood Queens Book Club

Robert Leleux, "Tex in the City" beautiful penman of the Observing Tribe, has gone to Canossa, aka Jefferson, and paid his humble dues unto Queen Kathy and returned with laudatory commentary much higher than the mouse under the throne. 
For the retinue's applause said report "Fake Fur, Big Hair, and la Vie Litteraire," is hereby made available for your perusal at your leisure, and pertaining to your reading pleasure.  For those still beyond the pale, wandering in ignorance, you also may draw sustenance through Leleux's narrative.  And yes a photographic depiction so sensitively captured by Ron Munden does precede the narrative exposition for those with no reading skills whatsoever.
Leleux begins: "Most folks celebrate the holidays with their own quaint traditions, and I'm surely no exception. Every year around Martin Luther King Day, a couple of hundred friends and I converge upon the deep woods of East Texas, dressed in hot pink satin, leopard-print capes and enough rhinestone tiaras to choke the entire Royal Court of the Cotton Bowl parade. Then we rat each other's wigs, throw a couple of high-steppin' theme parties, and award much-coveted statuettes to the person, for instance, who wore the best Barbie costume. Also to the person who wrote the year's best American novel." - and Leleux continues his stunning reportage online at
(The Parlor must make full disclosure:  My mother was born and raised in Jefferson.)

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