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Friday, May 02, 2008

Wikipedia: A Free Encyclopedia and Texas


Broader searches

A search of Google for "Texas Wikipedia" brings almost 4,000,000 hits. This includes many entries from the various language variants of Wikipedia - Spanish to German to Indonesian. Spelling variation may explain why a Yahoo search is so different. Google's penchant to avoid showing page variations may also help this disparity.

However, a similar search of Yahoo bring almost 40,000,000 (yes 40) hits. You may prefer

Going directly to usual, English language Wikipedia where you'll find the following:
Using the typical search box at Wikipedia for the term "Texas" brings only 1 article - the usual long encyclopedia article on the topic (not the shorter one at Wiki's "Texas Portal." The search does not automatically bring you a list of all articles with that keyword.

Some of that main, long article's sections (littered with Wikipedia links) include
[A disambiguation link]
[Summary] and hot table of "Contents"
History: Colonization, Independence, Statehood, Civil War, Reconstruction and disfranchisement, Modern Texas
Geography: Borders, Categorization, Geology
Demographics: Racial groups and ethnic origins, Religion, Cities and Towns, Colonias
Government and Politics: State government, Judicial System, Politics, Administrative Divisions
Culture: Arts, Sports
Transportation: Highways, Airports, Passenger Rail Transportation, Trans-Texas Corridor
Healthcare: Medical research
Education: Primary and secondary, Post-secondary
See Also
Further reading
External links

While this general enclopedic article is littered with links, there is a particular link that produces a list of about 500 "Texas-related topics" from Abilene to Renee Zellwenger:

Further approaches to Wikipedia and Texas follow in other blog entries. Or retrieve them all by searching the Texas Parlor blog for "Wikipedia."

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