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Friday, May 02, 2008

Wikipedias Texas Lists

A List of Two Options for Finding Texas lists in Wikipedia

1. Surfers can use the Wikipedia search box for "Texas list" and discover that it finds over 18,000 hits, 500 of which are presented to observe. Apparently, if there is a page on which Texas is mentioned and a list accompanies, the entry appears. Many are duplicative in nature, but many are truly a list of something Texan. Using particular words, e.g., "Austin list" can produce others wherein the word Texas may not appear, some of which are applicable. Most are not found in Wikipedia's Category of "Texas-related lists" as more broadly explored below in option 2. Searching this first option can be useful to add to the second option.

2. One of Wikipedia's conceptual options is the "Category" of "Lists" of other lists of topics under a subject. Yes, that sounds a bit convoluted. One such List is the "Texas-related lists." Go to

As of today, May 2, 2008, "The following 57 pages are in this category, out of 57 total. Updates to this list can occasionally be delayed for a few days. "

They're usually arranged alphabetically by keyword but you'll notice that several are filed under L, apparently for the keyword "List of ...."

Two lists are actually "Timelines," under that entry below.

List of Texas amphibians List of Texas area codes
List of Texas butterflies
List of cities in Texas List of counties in Texas Current and former railroad companies operating in Dallas, Texas
List of Farm to Market Roads in Texas
List of German Texans List of Governors of Texas
List of high schools in Texas List of hospitals in Texas
List of Interstate Highways in Texas
List of Austin neighborhoods List of Dallas-Fort Worth area colleges and universities
List of Dallas-Fort Worth area freeways List of Houston neighborhoods List of Presidents of the Republic of Texas List of Registered Historic Places in Texas List of Texas Governors and Presidents List of Texas county name etymologies List of Texas county seat name etymologies
List of Texas sports teams List of Texas state symbols List of Texas-related topics
List of U.S. Highways in Texas List of colleges and universities in Houston List of colleges and universities in Texas List of individuals executed in Texas List of largest Texas universities by enrollment List of mayors of Austin, Texas List of mayors of Dallas, Texas List of mayors of Fort Worth, Texas List of mayors of Houston List of mayors of Plano, Texas List of mayors of San Antonio, Texas
List of mammals in Texas List of Texas metropolitan areas List of military installations in Texas
List of neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas List of newspapers in Texas List of all newspapers in the United States List of city nicknames in Texas
List of people from Texas
List of Texas railroads List of Texas reptiles List of rivers of Texas List of the ten longest Texas rivers
List of school districts in Texas List of schools in Harris County, Texas List of state highway spurs in Texas List of state highway loops in Texas List of state highways in Texas List of Texas state parks
Timeline of the Republic of Texas Timeline of the Texas Revolution
List of Vice Presidents of the Republic of Texas
List of unincorporated communities in Texas

Do you have a list to share?

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