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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Canyon's Tex Randall in Danger

New Land Owner Reported Undesiring

Tex Randall, a statue over 40 feet tall, has stood over a Canyon business district is about to loose his right to stand tall.

"Tex was “born” in 1959. He was the brainchild of William H. “Harry” Wheeler, a sculptor, teacher, businessman, writer and musician. Wheeler was a native Texan and attended Oklahoma State University and University of Michigan.
The basic form for Tex was built of rebar, pipes and steel mesh and was hoisted up to lean over the Corral Curio Shop and cabins. He weighed in at an impressive 8,000 pounds when he was hoisted up from the ground, before the stucco was added.
Buddy Price, who worked at Currie Drilling, was one of the workers who helped get Tex up on his feet."

I recommend that Texas be removed and hired as the supervisor of the Cadillac Ranch or the Panhandle farmers' own variation "Combine City" a large area of retired combines etc.
Seems SOMEBODY oughta form a "Tex Randall Art Appreciation and Preservation Society" to address the challenges that Tex faces with the broader, corollary purpose to identify other MONUMENTAL ART in Texas, promote the historical, cultural, and technical appreciation of said art, and assist its preservation.

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