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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Historic Preservation Districts at College Station

City of College Station has been further elaborating its historic preservation options.

Some of the changes are reflected at

and its Historic Preservation Overlay District Proposed Description

Early in the several pages of the Description, one finds

The Historic Preservation Overlay District (HP) is intended to provide for the protection, enhancement, and perpetuation of landmarks or districts of historical and cultural importance and significance. Such action is necessary to promote the economic, cultural, educational, and general welfare of the public. Specifically, this district will have the following expressed purposes:
1. To protect and enhance the landmarks and districts which represent distinctive elements of College Station’s historic, architectural, and cultural heritage;
2. To foster civic pride in the accomplishments of the past;
3. To protect and enhance College Station’s attractiveness to visitors and the support and stimulus to the economy thereby provided;
4. To insure the harmonious, orderly, and efficient growth and development of the city;
5. To promote economic prosperity and welfare of the community by encouraging the most appropriate use of such property within the city; and
6. To encourage stabilization, restoration, and improvements of such properties and their values.

"The Historic Preservation Overlay District may be applied to districts or areas and to individual property. The area/property/structure of significance shall be at least forty (40) years old. A property or district may be designated if it:
1. Possesses significance in history, architecture, archeology, and culture;
2. Is associated with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of local, regional, state, or national history;
3. Is associated with events that have made a significant impact in our past;
4. Embodies the distinctive characteristics of a type, period, or method of construction;
5. Represents the work of a master designer, builder, or craftsman; and/or
6. Represents an established and familiar visual feature of the neighborhood or city."

Such interest reflects the growing understanding that stand-alone units of historic preservation are greatly enhanced by recognizing and support the appreciation of the geographical/historical context of stand-alone structures and sites. And, of course, we all remember that notable historic preservation draws economic stimulation, sometimes called money, the to broader community.

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