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Saturday, June 14, 2008

San Jacinto Historic District

If you've been driving from Houston
eastward through the Pasadena area, you may have noticed the ENORMOUS historical pictorials emblazoned on the oil tanks. That's the San Jacinto Historic District's doings. Arising about 2006, the District been productive. The SJHD is a complementary collection of local jurisdictions wishing to maintain the heritage of the Battle of San Jacinto and the Battleship Texas with some attention to improving affairs to attract tourist dollars. Notice "Project Stars."

The Mission Statement:
" Our Mission: Sharing our Heritage and our Vision
Project Stars™ is a collaborative effort that brings together the port region communities of East Harris County (Precinct Two). This effort resulted in a Master Plan utilizing tools such as innovative urban landscaping, unique image enhancement techniques, and strategic economic development focusing on untapped historical resources. This Master Plan was created over a two year period and currently targets enhancements for 26 historic sites on major corridors.
Precinct Two represents nearly one million people living in the most populous county in Texas. Generally located between Houston’s I-45 on the west, Interstate 10 on the north, Galveston Bay on the east, and Clear Lake on the south, the precinct is larger than five states.
The Project Stars Master Plan emerged after conducting analysis, research, benchmarking and gathering community feedback over a two year period. Among the plan’s first goals was the creation of the San Jacinto Historic District. Mission accomplished: it is now the newest and the 5th largest historic district in the state of Texas.
The Economic Alliance Houston Port Region shepherded a volunteer task force of approximately 50 leaders and numerous agencies; and the number continues to grow. Our leaders have identified quality of life issues that capture the attention and the imagination. Historic sites were rediscovered as amenities unique to the area. These “stars”- as they became known in the Master Plan – do not exist anywhere else on the planet.
Implementation of our 2006 goals – with the help of many stakeholders – including economic research, the submission of several grant applications to the Texas Department of Transportation, and the planting of more than 4,000 trees is just the tip of the iceberg. Or as we say…the tip of the Stars!

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