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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Texas Bookshelf Blog

I've finally gotten around to establishing a separate blog just for Texana book reviews. It is a companion to both the Texas Parlor and the Monthly.

The reviews are mostly from "Will's Texana Monthly: Reviews, News, and Electric Observations" which is free to interested subscribers.

Folks have pestered me for some time to post them online, but the Texas Parlor seemed not a strategically appropriate place. So I started a new blog, the Texas Bookshelf:

I've added a few dozen of the Monthly reviews beginning with volume 1 back in 2006, and I'm adding to it from time to time. Within a couple of weeks, it'll be up-to-date. After each issues of the Monthly, I get around to adding them in the Texas Bookshelf.

However, most material in Will's Texana Monthly is NOT a review, but rather information in other various presentations. So most of the Monthly will not be in the Texas Bookshelf. Your continued reading of the Monthly will remain useful to folks wishing to maintain a knowledge of Texas information sources and related matters.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it's about time. When are you putting your Annual online?