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Thursday, June 05, 2008 Blog Topics,

among its diverse offerings, offers a suite of several companion blogs openable by selected general topic at

Rarely, Texana but an interesting concept. Maybe anticipating a fuller version of our companion blogs and

PRESERVATION BLOG TOPICS Click topic name below to view all available articles for that topic
Architecture and Design Issues in architecture and design, from new projects, discussion of master architects, and related news.
Educational Programs in Preservation Post information about undergraduate and graduate programs in historic preservation and cultural resource preservation, upcoming classes in preservation and cultural resource, and information on educational seminars and workshops and other study-related activity.
Employment Opportunities, Jobs & Internships in Preservation & Cultural Resources Post employment opportunities available in historic preservation, building restoration, museum employment, architecture, urban planning, and other related fields. Full-time positions, internships, contract employment and other opportunities in preservation-related fields.
Endangered History Spread the word about a historic site or structure in your area that is endangered, as well as learn about the efforts of preservation organizations to save endangered places and threatened cultural resources.
Funding, Tax Incentives and Grants for Preservation Projects Information on funding and grants for preservation projects, available programs and tax incentives.
Heritage Travel and Tourism Trip information for historic and scenic places from all over the world. Articles about heritage travel, historic lodging and accommodations, and great trips you can take to see history all over the world.
Historic Preservation & Restoration Projects Sharing successes/failures from preservation and restoration projects, as well as techniques in the restoration and revitalization of historic homes, buildings, historic districts and places, and related structures. Case studies of preservation and restoration projects.
Legislation & Public Policy Issues in Preservation Detailing past, current and future legislation in historic preservation and cultural resource preservation, as well as highlight past/current/future policy issues in preservation at the local, state and national levels.
Museums & Cultural Resources Posts outlining current and upcoming exhibitions, museum news, and information about history and cultural resource museums. Information on history museums, historic house museums, and cultural sites and places.
National Park Service News Regular updates on National Park Service news, issues faced by parks and sites managed by the National Park Service, trip and travel ideas, and other insights into the management of our national parks.
Researching Your Historic Home Steps detailing the research process for historic homes and places, advantages of employing a historic consultant, as well as related tips and case studies.
Theater, Cinema & Opera House Restoration and Revitalization Information about the restoration and revitalization of historic theaters, movie theaters, opera houses, historic performing arts centers, etc. Also, resources available for historic theater lovers and researchers.
Urban Planning & Downtown Revitalization Issues in planning, urban design, downtown and mainstreet revitalization. Concentration on issues of relevance to the built environment and its preservation.
What's New on We will post regular updates detailing recent additions to

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