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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Battle of Medina Memorial Service

MEDIA ADVISORY                     CONTACT: DAN ARELLANO 512-826-7569
The public is invited to attend the Battle of Medina Memorial Service at the Longhorn Museum 1959 E. Hi 97, Pleasanton , Texas on Saturday August 16, 2008 from 2-4 P.M.  
Maclovio Perez WOAI TV personality will be the Master of Ceremony. Scheduled to speak will be Andres Tijerina, Ph. D. History Professor from Austin and Author of several books, Jose Antonio Lopez Author of "The Last Knight," the story of Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara, Dr. Gregg J. Dimmick , Author of " Sea of Mud ."  Dan Arellano, Author of "Tejano Roots," with special guest, Author and Historian, Mr. Robert Thonhoff.
Many Mexican-Americans have sacrificed their lives defending freedom and democracy. Over a thousand Tejanos were killed in one battle alone in defense of these causes, but this conflict was not on foreign soil. Not on the beaches in Normandy, not in Korea or Viet Nam, although Tejanos were there, but much closer to home, in South Texas, less than twenty miles from San Antonio. The "Battle of Medina," …the forgotten history of the Tejanos, these first sons and daughters of Texas , unknown and unrecognized for their ultimate sacrifice.
This battle was between the Republican Army of the North consisting of nine hundred Tejanos, three hundred Americans, and three hundred Native Americans against a Spanish Army led by Juaquin de Arredondo. A little known fact is that the Tejano leader Colonel Miguel Menchaca, in the heat of battle, had been ordered to withdraw his men, whereas it is said that he responded "Tejanos do not withdraw," and plunged back into the foray. Out of the 1500 that set out to fight only 100 would survive. After the battle another 327 Tejanos would be executed in San Antonio and another 100 would be slain as they fled towards Louisiana , making it the bloodiest struggle for freedom ever fought on Texas soil.
Artifacts (swords, cannon and musket balls) will be displayed by local land owners found in recent Archeological digs. The event is free and open to the public.
And know it is time to honor those who fought and died for freedom, 195 years ago.
The Longhorn Museum is located 2 ½  miles from IH 37 on Hi 97 to Pleasanton , Texas .

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