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Friday, July 25, 2008

Historic Cemetery Workshop in Houston

The Texas Historical Commission occasionally visits county historical commissions and presents a workshop on historic cemeteries.  The workshop in August will be in Houston through the Harris County Historical Commission, through the liaison of Trevia Beverly.  The workshop will NOT accept registrations at the door, PRE-REGISTER.

DAY of event:  August 23, 2008 – Tracy Gee Community Center

3599 Westcenter Drive * Houston, Texas 77042

Public is Invitred! Make your $25 check payable to 2008 Cemetery Symposium
mail to Trevia W. Beverly at 2507 Tannehill Dr, Houston TX 77008
fuller information 713.864-6862
Cemetery Preservation – Gerron Hite, THC Cemetery Preservation State Coordinator
As Texas' economy and population expands, there is an increasing demand for the development of land for residential, agricultural, and commercial uses.  Historic cemeteries are threatened in rural as well as in urban settings. Learn how individuals interested in local culture and history and a commitment to saving the physical remnants of their community's heritage can prevail. 
RIP Guardian Program – Anne Shelton, THC RIP Program Coordinator
The letters RIP are commonly found carved on gravemarkers, bidding the deceased an earthly wish for eternal rest in peace. RIP is also one of the Texas Historical Commission's (THC) cemetery preservation initiatives: Record, Investigate, Protect. Learn how the RIP Guardian program assists cemetery preservation volunteers and how to get help for your project. 
Historic Texas Cemetery (HTC) Designation – Annette Bethke, HTC Program Specialist
The THC developed the Historic Texas Cemetery designation program to address the problems of destruction, neglect and illegal removal of historic cemeteries. Official recognition of these family and community landmarks highlights their importance and hopefully will encourage further preservation. During this session, THC staff will walk you through the HTC process and application step by step. 
Attorney Donald Burger will discuss Texas Cemetery Law and field Q&A.
Harris County interests will be addressed by Trevia Beverly, Chair of HCHC Cemetery Committee and others.

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