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Monday, July 14, 2008

Relocate Battleship Texas?

July 10, 2008, 11:18PM
Storm signals fly over old ship
Galveston tries not to take sides on bid to relocate Battleship Texas
"GALVESTON — A feud over moving the battleship USS Texas from its moorings at the San Jacinto Battleground shifted into the Galveston City Council chambers Thursday, but council members wanted to stay out of the fight.
Most of the numerous private groups associated with the battleground and the battleship want to keep the ship in La Porte, where it has been berthed for 60 years. But at least two groups want it moved to Galveston and prepared a resolution for consideration by the council.
The council delayed voting on the resolution to make it clear that the city is not taking sides in the dispute, but merely wished to be considered as a port for the Texas if the Legislature decides to move it."  Read more from the Chronicle      


Mattexian said...

Maybe my memory's a little fuzzy, but I seem to recall that Texas was drydocked once in Galveston, back in the '90s, so their claim of concern over moving her, no pun intended, doesn't hold much water. I was an Elissa volunteer at the time, spent a lot of weekends there, and I'm pretty sure they did the overhaul on Texas right across the Galveston Ship Channel from Elissa's berth.

Mattexian said...

And they do have some good points about moving her, to make more room at the San Jacinto Battleground (instead of needing room for the Texas visitor's center), and that the battleground is in an industrial area, which deters visitors, while Galveston has plenty of visitors and already has some seafaring attractions, Elissa being at the forefront.