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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Texas Non-fiction Writers organization and retreat

Who are these people?
The Texas Nonfiction Writers organization says of itself: "Who are the members of Texas Non-Fiction Writers?  People from Texas who write non-fiction. People who write non-fiction about Texas.
Of course, our favorites are people from Texas who write non-fiction about Texas. But we're not all that picky. We even suspect that there are some fiction types lurking in here somewhere."  Read more at
The Texas Non-fiction Writers have planned an Ocober retreat.  See the fullsomely informatlive brochure at
At Boerne October 24 and 25, 2008 at the Cibolo Nature Center -
The Program Chair will be Jeff Morgenthaler, the fulcrum of the organization
Program includes
Michael Erard - Language for Writers
James L. Haley - Writing Texas History
Kathleen Hudson - Performance: Songs & Stories
Elmer Kelton - Writing a Memoir
Joe Nick Patoski - A Non-Fiction Career
Barbara Ras - One Author at a Time
Andrew Sansom - Writing About Your Passion
Rusty Shelton - Working With a Publicist
Jan Wrede - Writing About Things that Grow

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